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apache tomcat installation

Complete guide for Apache TOMCAT installation on Linux

Apache Tomcat, also known as Tomcat server is an open source java servlet cotainer & provides a pure JAVA http webserver environmnet to run java code. It is very famous & widely used to...

wildfly cluster

Creating a Wildfly cluster for load-balancing in Linux

In our earlier tutorial, we have learned to install wildfly 10.1.0. in this tutorial, we will learn to create a load-balancing wildfly cluster. We will be using wildfly verison 10.1.0, which is the latest...

wildfly 10

Step by Step guide for Wildfly 10 (10.1.0) installation

Wildfly is a free, open source & cross platform application server (formely known as Jboss AS or Jboss). It is written in java programming language & currently it is being maintained, developed by Redhat....