Docker Books you should read

Check out these books to learn & increase your Jenkins knowledge

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Docker Deep DiveBuy HereBuy Here
Learn Docker - Fundamentals of Docker 19.x: Build, test, ship, and run containers with Docker and Kubernetes, 2nd EditionBuy HereBuy Here
Kubernetes and Docker - An Enterprise Guide: Effectively containerize applications, integrate enterprise systems, and scale applications in your enterpriseBuy HereBuy Here
Docker for Developers: Develop and run your application with Docker containers using DevOps tools for continuous deliveryBuy HereBuy Here

Docker on Windows: From 101 to production with Docker on Windows, 2nd Edition
Buy HereBuy Here
Learn Docker - Fundamentals of Docker 18.x: Everything you need to know about containerizing your applications and running them in productionBuy HereBuy Here
Docker: Up & Running: Shipping Reliable Containers in ProductionBuy Here NA
Accelerating Development Velocity Using Docker: Docker Across MicroservicesBuy HereBuy Here