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DNF command with examples

Mastering DNF command with examples

DNF was first made available in Fedora 18 & with Fedora 22, it had replaced Yum to become default package manager for handling the system package files. DNF or Dandified YUM is actually a...

dpkg command with examples

Package management in Ubuntu : Learn dpkg command with examples

Ubuntu, Debian & distros based on these uses .deb files for installation of softwares/applications on the system & in order to install these deb, we use dpkg package manager. With dpkg, we can install,...

install python pip

install Python PIP: A python package manager

PIP is a package management for python based softwares, PIP actually is a recursive acronym for ‘PIP installs python’ or ‘PIP install packages’. Using PIP, we can install install, uninstall the python based packages...