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wildfly cluster

Creating a Wildfly cluster for load-balancing in Linux

In our earlier tutorial, we have learned to install wildfly 10.1.0. in this tutorial, we will learn to create a load-balancing wildfly cluster. We will be using wildfly verison 10.1.0, which is the latest...

apache tomcat installation

Complete guide for Apache TOMCAT installation on Linux

Apache Tomcat, also known as Tomcat server is an open source java servlet container & provides a pure JAVA http webserver environment to run java code. It is very famous & widely used to...

wildfly 10

Step by Step guide for Wildfly 10 (10.1.0) installation

Wildfly is a free, open source & cross platform application server (formely known as Jboss AS or Jboss). It is written in java programming language & currently it is being maintained, developed by Redhat....