Did you realize hacking attempts happen once every 39 seconds? The overwhelming majority of these attacks target business owners. If your network security is not up to par, it is only a matter of time before your network is infiltrated.

Luckily, there are a variety of Network Monitoring Tools on the market that can keep you one step ahead of potential cyber-attacks. The key to finding the right solutions for your network is getting advice from an IT professional.

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Before you invest in network monitoring, here are some of the things you need to be aware of.

network monitoring

1. Network Monitoring and Intrusion Detection Are Not the Same Things

The biggest misconception most people have when it comes to monitoring their network is that intrusion detection is the same as network monitoring. In reality, intrusion detection software will only broadly monitor your network to ensure nothing is able to infiltrate it. If this software fails, your sensitive information will be at risk.

The best way to ensure network threats are detected and eradicated is by getting true network monitoring tools. Ideally, you will want to use both intrusion detection and network monitoring software when trying to make your network an impenetrable fortress. With the assistance of an IT professional, choosing the right software combination will be easy.

2. Network Monitoring is More Crucial Than Ever

The world of business technology is growing and expanding with each passing day. This means that in order to stay competitive, you will need to use the latest and greatest tech solutions on the market. While embracing technology is important, you need to make sure all of your sensitive information stays safe.

This is why network monitoring should be a top priority when putting together an IT strategy. While you may have to pay good money for a state-of-the-art monitoring solution, it will be worth it. Without this type of software, the chances of your network being hacked will increase substantially.

3. Keep Your Network Running Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Some business owners think that network monitoring is only good for detecting security threats, but this is not the case. While network monitoring software will alert you to potential cyber-threats, it can also give you information about how well the components on your network are running. If this software detects software functionality issues, it will send you an alert.

Ignoring these alerts may lead to your network crashing or to the lowering of productivity levels. Often times, business owners are hesitant to move away from legacy programs that are slow and inefficient. While you may be a bit hesitant to make a change, it is usually the best option for everyone involved. Using modern cloud-based computing options will make your network faster and more reliable.

network monitoring

4. The Right Network Monitoring Solutions Save You Time and Money

If you are on the fence about whether or not to invest in network monitoring solutions, you need to consider how much time and money these programs can save you. If you are able to detect and fix network issues before a crash occurs, you should have no problem keeping productivity levels high.

Experiencing downtime due to a network outage can lead to you losing a lot of money. This is why using network monitoring technology is so important.

Seeking Out Professional Help is Vital

Trying to find and implement network monitoring solutions without the help of an IT professional can lead to big problems. An IT company will consider factors like the size of your network and your budget before suggesting network monitoring tools.

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