In this day and age, privacy and security are important for each individual, especially when we are connecting to the internet where data can be publicly accessed. We sometimes encounter Internet access restrictions to certain domains or websites, and proxies (like SOCKS5 proxy) help us get unrestricted access to those contents.

Furthermore, what are proxies, and how does the SOCKS5 proxy differ from the rest of the proxies? In this article, you will know what its benefits are and how you can utilize SOCKS5 for personal uses or your businesses.

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SOCKS5 Proxy

Proxy explained

Proxies act as a middleman, or a gateway for our internet access requests so that they can help evaluate the said request then perform the data transaction, whilst preventing any malicious or suspicious activity from occurring onto your devices or computers. 

They can become an additional defense layer against the web attackers or hackers trying to access or steal personal information from you. Aside from security and privacy benefits, proxies can also lessen the load of network traffic, which can save a lot of bandwidth and can also lessen the loading times of certain websites and their pages, and all other resources.

How is the SOCKS5 proxy different from other proxies?

SOCKS, or Socket Secure, is an internet protocol that deals with the exchange in the packets of a network between the server and a client. SOCKS5 can provide authentication, which grants access to those users who have been authorized, adding a secure method to data transactions. Also, SOCKS proxies like Geonode Proxies,  can handle programs, protocols, and any traffic without having limitations. 

You may need to enter login information with your SOCKS proxy provider, thus making it secure for when you make your data requests to the internet. However, if you do not want to do anything without having to log in, you can find a non-logging SOCKS proxy provider.

While there are lots of other proxies available out there, here is how the SOCKS5 Proxy is different from other proxies:

  • HTTP Proxy

HTTP, or HyperText Transfer Protocol, does not require any server. It is a type of high-level proxy which is designed to transact data using an HTTP request header. Although as high-leveled the HTTP may seem, they are not nearly as flexible as SOCKS. When it comes to security, HTTP proxies purposely retrieve any information reachable only via a web browser which can possibly be viewed by anyone, whereas SOCKS lowers the chances of the data being viewed since it is not able to read data.

  • SSL Proxy

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a transparent proxy. It checks websites for a trusted certificate that validates the web server's identity. SSL focuses on security but is not flexible unlike SOCKS5, and because of the encryption and decryption processes of SSL, it can cause a little delay in the response time of the data requests and increase the network traffic.

  • TLS Proxy

TLS, or Transport Layer Security, which is just SSL's updated version, validates websites with trusted updated certificates that have new encryption options.

5 main benefits of SOCKS5 proxies

For personal uses, we can acquire SOCKS5 proxies to:

      1. Access geo-restricted content

Ever wondered why some shows on Netflix or Hulu are unavailable in your country? That is caused by the content restriction in your current location. If you want to watch shows that are unavailable in your country, you might want to use a verified or a dedicated proxy to switch over to the country you want to have content access to. 

      2. Safeguard personal online activity

It is always important to protect our privacy and sensitive data. Shopping online with the use of our Credit Card information, providing bank details, all of that information when fallen into the wrong hands can lead to very bad consequences.

For business uses, the advantages of using the SOCKS5 proxy are:

     3. Significantly improves data performance

Because the SOCKS5 protocol was designed to support any traffic, other protocols, and programs, it significantly has increased its number of uses in those cases. It can be used along with cloud-based services as most businesses would need it. It is also optimized in transferring data packets at ultra speeds which helps peer-to-peer connections and sharing. It is also useful for transferring or sharing files, browsing, and sharing emails.

     4. Provides a reliable and secure connection

As all businesses would have it, the Data Privacy and Protection of a business and its clients is a must. Without having an established trust, safety, and security of a business would only mean that a great risk is involved and no client would want to transact knowing that their resources, data, and information are unsafe and at risk.

     5. Efficient data control and management

If your business requires a lot of data traffic, SOCKS5 can efficiently transmit data and limit the loss of bandwidth. It is perfect for businesses that deal with the organization of data and its safe arrival to its clients. As a business unit, you may also want your personnel to keep information inside within your company, with proxies, you can prevent access from other websites to maximize work proficiency and data security.


The internet today makes it very accessible to anyone anywhere at any time. There is no guarantee that our steps on the internet are not being tracked or watched, be it a person within the government or someone else. Proxies can help us protect ourselves better, along with VPNs (or Virtual Private Networks) for improved security connections. Protecting our sensitive data and information from breaches and leaks helps us get the best use of the efficiency the internet provides.

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