It’s never been more important to consider which passwords you use for your various accounts. There are several things you can do to optimize your passwords and secure your accounts. Read more about them here.

Each of us should pay greater attention to protecting our accounts than ever before. Today, it’s crucial to consider security if you want to stay safe online. Cybercrime is everywhere, and you need to be careful about keeping your information safe. One of the most important things is having safe passwords for all of your accounts.

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Here are five steps to making sure that your passwords are as safe as possible.

1. Your password should be long and random

Making a safe password isn’t that tricky. If you follow a few simple steps, you’ll have a secure password that’s very hard to crack. First of all, all of your passwords should be long and completely random. Never use any words that are related to you in any way. The best thing to do is to choose a random combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Your password should always be at least eight to twelve characters. 

2. Get assistance from a password generator

If you think it’s difficult to come up with a long and random password, a great online tool to use is a password generator. It’s a simple generator that will always provide you with passwords that fill the requirements of a strong password. A password generator is easy to find online. Just make sure that it’s well-reviewed, so you’re sure you get the best passwords possible.

3. Don’t tell anyone your passwords

You must keep all of your passwords safe. This means not telling anyone about any of your passwords. This could compromise the security of your account. Particularly, you should avoid writing your passwords to anyone online – even your friends. You never know who might be looking at your conversation or whether or not other accounts have been breached. 

4. Use a password manager

Many people avoid using random, strong passwords because they can’t remember them. This shouldn't be the thing holding you back from securing your account. There is an easy and safe tool to help you with this. Online, you can easily find a safe password manager to help you remember all of your passwords. When you have a good password manager, you never have to worry about not remembering your passwords again. You can find the best password managers at passwordhero, which will help in safely storing your passwords. 

5. Enable two-factor authentication

The last tip to strengthen the security of your account is to enable two-factor authentication whenever possible. When you do this, you add another verification factor besides your password. It’s almost impossible to hack into an account that has two-factor authentication enabled. The second authentication factor could be a phone number or faceID. If you follow these few simple tips, the security of your accounts will be increased significantly, and you will be able to move freely online.

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