A VPN has long been a tool that provided a lot of value to internet users, and when applied correctly it can give a user so much more online content. Firstly, it is important to understand how a VPN works, the difference between a VPN and proxy servers, and what it can do for you. A VPN is a “Virtual Private Network” and is a process when you join a protected network to a server.

This network will encrypt your internet traffic, and personal information and make it much harder for third parties or criminals to spy on or steal your data. A proxy server can help you in creating residential IPs, but a VPN can be a crucial tool in being more protective and flexible when going online.

VPNs have grown more in use as time has gone in, in large part due to ways online data has become valuable, even more so than oil according to reports. People have learned very quickly to use VPNs to protect against people like prying third parties, nefarious cyber criminals, and hackers who aim to get your online data and monetize it.

People are also slowly realizing that you can use a VPN to get even more online content. In 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, VPNs saw a huge usage surge as people began streaming more than ever. They found ways it can grant more online content and streaming entertainment. 

Here are the ways you can use a VPN to get more content online: 

Get More From Your Streaming Platforms

Those who are more digitally savvy will realize that online streaming services and platforms all restrict the content you are given in some capacity. Platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and HBO Max all change what you can watch and enjoy based on where you are in the world. For example, if you wanted to watch the hit TV show Bridgerton on Netflix, you would find that you can in the United Kingdom but unable to in the United States.

This is down to streaming providers having rules and regulations that permit them from airing certain content in their directory depending on the recipient’s location. Thankfully for VPNs however, you can bypass this issue easily. A VPN works by rerouting your IP address and placing you anywhere you want in the world.

If you happened to be in the UK but wanted more of an anime fix, you could use a VPN and place yourself in Japan to get more Japanese-based content as opposed to what is available in the West. VPNs can give you so much more from your streaming services, and after all, you are paying more than ever for them. Why shouldn’t you get more from these content sources?

Watch More Global Sports

There are many fans of every sport across the globe. Just because it might be a bit more niche than soccer or basketball does not mean there isn’t someone out there who wants to watch it. Unfortunately, some of these sports do not get any kind of coverage or broadcasting options if you are far away from where it is taking place.

A good example could be snooker - it has hundreds of thousands of fans around the world but the main places where it takes place in UK and Asia. If you are a snooker fan and live in the United States, you could be very hard done by. ESPN and FOX Sports are not covering this kind of event, but you know that it is being streamed and broadcast for free in the UK on their national TV. If you had a VPN, you could use the BBC iPlayer (which is exclusively for UK residents).

The VPN will allow you to use this to watch all the snooker content you want, all for free. 

Read All The Media You Want

Unfortunately in today’s world, we are seeing a rise in governments, countries, institutions, and third-party providers who are aiming to restrict an individual's right to freedom on the internet. This in part includes things like news and social media, which countries like China, Russia, Iran, and others have actively worked to cut down and control.

Using VPNs however, you can bypass censorship and online restrictions to access social media, and news sites and get a better understanding of the world through the content they provide. You would just hide your IP address and reroute it to a country that is more democratic and free, then use this positioning to get more content and media that you want.

It can be difficult to have your world of media and news restricted to only domestic options, so a VPN can unlock a world of content for you at your fingertips.

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