As you already know, DevOps appeared more than 10 years ago as a response to a problem in communication between system administrators and programmers. The developers created the code and passed it to sysadmins who were engaged in support and operation in the form of an archive with instructions for installation.

The instructions were often different for various versions of the code and sometimes did not take into account the specifics of the environment. Such a scheme significantly lengthened software development. This is why over time IT companies have created a common approach to development, testing and release. When the developer understands what the administrator is facing when configuring the server, they will try to smooth out possible "sharp corners" in the code.

This sphere is never not growing and developing, new tools and methodics are appearing over time, and if you want to run a decent self-development process, you have to keep up with it. Instagram is one of the best currently existing platforms where you can get more knowledge in whatever you need and therefore running a DevOps educational or news page here is quite smart if you’re fond of this niche and willing to demonstrate your competency to others.

Any helpful resource can start making money over time – selling content, products or services – and you’re the only one to decide how quickly it is going to happen. In this article we’re going to review several tools which you can use in order to make such a page popular and monetize it at a certain point in time. We’ll talk about a chance to buy Instagram followers to build a decent base for future promotion, about where to seek support if you have no acquaintance bloggers on IG whatsoever and what is the best order to put the promotional services in while developing your page.

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Where to begin

If you already have enough content, you can proceed straight to taking on promotional services. We’d recommend beginning with using a chance to buy real Instagram followers, because this is how you can assure everyone around you that the content you post is actually worth their attention and time.

There are plenty of talented professionals and content creators in this niche on IG,  so you’d have to put some effort into winning the signs of validation from your audience. And if you have no audience yet, this situation becomes even harder to overcome. So you basically have no reasons at all to ignore such a helpful promotional tool.

Where to seek support

To get yourself even more mentiones online, make sure to reach out to the bloggers who are currently posting in the same niche as you do and have approximately the same number of subscribers as you do. With them you’d be able to double both of your subs counts and form some helpful bonds to use in the future. Yes, such mutual PRs shouldn’t be a one time thing, you need to cooperate over time and help each other with widening the circles of your audience and bringing the moment of your content’s monetization closer.

When to use what

Only after you’ve done what we have listed in the previous two paragraphs is the time to put targeted ads in use. Don’t rush it, you need to be sure that each penny you invest into it is going to bring you a nice payback. And to be sure in it you need to have a base of followers on your hands and enough signs of validation from them – this is the only way to make your profile seem professional, interesting and worthy to follow for people who’re going to see your ad in their stories or posts on IG.

And don’t forget that none of it is going to work if you won’t put your mind and heart into generating quality and unique content – all of the paid services generally are given exactly for it, to spare you time on actual work with the posts, stories, IGTVs and reels. Good luck! 

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