A dedicated development team is a group of specialists who will take on the work of developing your software product. This group is taken over by your company and becomes like your remote employees.

Such a team of developers is result-oriented, they don't just write code, they create tools that solve problems for your business and help it grow. They are interested in your success.

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When to Engage a Dedicated Team

There are some ways to obtain software for the company: buy a ready-made solution or assemble it in a designer and order turnkey development. The second option is to hire a team of specialists whose work you will supervise. So, when do you need a dedicated software development team?


  • You have your internal development team, but it can't cope. Yes, it happens. Sometimes there are simply not enough employees, and sometimes - the competence of employees to perform certain tasks. In both cases, a dedicated team will be able to significantly strengthen yours and take product development to a new level.
  • The project is flexible and the composition of the team has to change constantly. No one can afford to hire and fire employees every two weeks. And the reputation of the company may suffer from such interaction with employees. By hiring a development team, you get a group of employees that you pay only when they are useful to you. If there are no tasks for a particular employee and are not expected, the team can be reduced.
  • You do not have a clear technical vision of the result. If you know what you need but don't know how to achieve it, you need a team of technical experts. They will help you develop a clear technical task and can even suggest better ways to solve your problems.
  • You need to quickly launch a project and there is no time to search for each employee. It is quite labor-intensive to look for all the specialists separately, check the level of their competence, and then also try to establish their interaction. You will lose a lot of time and effort, and the result will remain in question. It takes no more than a few weeks to assemble a team that will have the necessary skills and knowledge in a particular area. That is, you almost immediately get coordinated developers who are ready to start working on your project. WeSoftYou can help you with your project.

Who is in the Dedicated Team and What are Its Functions

  • Web developers

Qualified Front-end and Back-end programmers who will help you create a solution for any of your business tasks. An extensive technology stack, extensive experience in development, and full dedication to the cause are what distinguish such developers from others. Such a team of developers will be able to create both a small software solution and a whole mechanism of interconnected tools.

  • DevOps engineers

DevOps promotes shorter and more manageable iterations through the introduction of best practices, automation, and new tools. DevOps is not a technology per se, but it encompasses everything from organization to culture, processes, and tools. Such specialists will help to competently organize processes and increase productivity. 

  • Application Developers

Web resources differ from applications, and so do their developers. These specialists know the specifics of each platform, the requirements of each app store, and the expectations of users of each product, and use this to make your application as profitable and high-quality as possible.

  • QA engineers

Testing and quality assurance specialists will find and prevent all possible and existing errors in the software product. But such a team strives not only to eliminate bugs, but also to make sure that the product is of high quality, meets all requirements, fulfills business tasks, and meets the needs of users.  It is estimated that US corporations spend approximately $7 million to hire employees.


Stages of Dedicated Team Work

  • Gathering Requirements

The team determines exactly what tasks you need a team for, how you will need to work, and what results to achieve.

  • Selection of specialists

Search for a development team that will be optimal for performing your tasks, based on the collected requirements.

  • Command injection

The selected team of developers studies the project and starts work with all their strengths and thoughts.

  • Reporting

The team and stakeholders agree on all processes, reporting, and work control procedures.

  • Launch of the project

Establish workflows and start working on the product. The project is launched, and the team has started development.


Such a team is experienced developers, with certain experience, who can solve any questions and problems, that is, they know how to act. They are well-trained and organized, yet fully immersed in your business and put your goals above all else. When choosing a development team, you should know what to expect, and what level and quality you can offer.

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