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squid authentication


Squid is a proxy web server that uses caching to optimizes website operation so that the web pages load more quickly, thereby improving the response time for the pages that are accessed by users...

SARG squid analysis report generator

SARG ( Squid Analysis Report Generator )- Installation & Configuration

Hi Linux-fanatics, welcome again to a nice new tutorial. We will be discussing SARG (Squid Analysis Report Generator). It is an Open-Source tool, which helps us analyze Squid Proxy logs & generates reports in HTML format with all the...

Squid Proxy server

Squid Proxy Server- Installation & Configuration ( Part 1)

Hello Linux-Fanatics. In this tutorial we will be discussing Squid Proxy Server, which is a widely used Open Source web proxy. But before we dig deep into it, lets discuss what is a Web proxy server &...