Did you know? An operating system that is highly focused on security is the best friend to any hacker. Why? Because it helps the hacker to detect all the weaknesses available in the computer system and networks.

In recent times, it has become more intriguing to compare ethical hacking and vulnerability scanning than it has been to compare Windows vs. OS X vs. Linux in the past. It is possible for a hacker to detect holes in a computer system or network by using a special operating system that is designed specifically for security. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Let's have a look at the top 12 operating systems for ethical hacking and penetration testing, which are listed below. It comprises operating systems such as Kali Linux, BlackArch, Parrot Security OS, and others.

  1. Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security OS is a hybrid of the Frozen Box operating system and Kali Linux. The Frozebox team is responsible for its development. A Debian-based and cloud-friendly operating system is intended for use in cybersecurity, computer security, penetration testing, cryptography, and other related fields such as those mentioned above. Parrot Security OS allows you to operate anonymously and efficiently while maintaining your anonymity.


  • Offered as a lightweight software package that requires minimal resources to run.
  • You have complete control over how you read and modify the code at the source.
  • It provides you with the assistance of professionals in the field of cyber security.
  • The distribution infrastructure of Parrot security OS contains specific content delivery networks CDNs (Content Distribution Network).
  • You have the option of sharing this hacking operating system with other people.


  1. Kali Linux

When talking about Kali Linux, it is an operating system, built by Offensive Security, comes in first place on the list of the top operating systems for ethical hacking. It comes pre-installed with more than 600 pen-testing tools, making it a powerful tool for penetration testing. These utilities are updated on a regular basis and made available for both VMware and ARM platforms. It has the ability to boot from a live CD in order to find vulnerabilities.


  • It has the potential to be utilized for penetration testing.
  • It is possible to purchase this platform in both 32 and 64 bit configurations.
  • Kali Linux may be updated without having to download a new version of the operating system.
  • This operating system has the capability of encrypting the entire disk.
  • You may simply automate and tweak Kali Linux installation on a network by following the instructions below.
  • The ability to run live installations from a USB drive.
  • Forensics work can be carried out with the help of the forensics mode.

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  1. Backbox 

BackBox is the best open-source operating system that is based on the Ubuntu operating system. It includes a security assessment and penetration testing facility. The Backbox also includes a toolkit for network analysis that is used in securing the information technology environment. There is a special ethical hacking toolbox that is included in the package.


  • It can assist you with vulnerability assessment, computer forensic analysis, and other tasks as needed.
  • Design with precision in order to avoid repetition.
  • It uses the bare minimum of resources from your computer.
  • This hacker operating system has a simple desktop experience that offers hassle-free usage.
  • It is possible to mock attacks on a particular application or a network with this tool.
  • It has the characteristics of steadiness and speed.


  1. BlackArch

BlackArch is a Linux-based free platform including a diverse set of tools for mobile computing, networking, automation, and other applications. It is a freely available computer system explicitly built for cybersecurity experts and penetration testers are known as XenServer. You have the option of installing it individually or with a group.


  • Live International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with numerous window managers is provided by this application.
  • Blackarch is capable of running on a small number of resources.
  • A number of architectural styles are supported.
  • It is possible to build the installer from the source code.


  1. Fedora Security Lab

Your ability to work on vulnerability analysis, investigations, and hacking will be enhanced by the Fedora Security environment. It includes a desktop environment that is both tidy and speedy. This operating system includes critical networking tools such as Medusa, Wireshark, Yersinia, Sqlninja, and others. Security testing and pen-testing are made easier using the Fedora Security environment.


  • It features a unique menu that provides all of the instructions necessary for commencing a proper test path.
  • This utility allows you to create a full operating system that can be booted via Live USB creation and permanently preserve the results of your tests.
  • It provides a real-time image that allows you to install the software while the computer is still functioning.


  1. Dracos Linux

This is a free and open-source operating system that is used for penetration testing. An array of tools, such as information gathering, malware analysis, forensics, and other useful features, are included in the package.


  • It is an open platform and everyone is welcome to use it for research, modification, and redistribution.
  • It is a lightweight operating system that is ideal for malware analysis.
  • Dracos Linus is a hacker operating system that does not compile any sensitive and personal information of yours.
  • Because of this, ethical hackers can do security research with more ease.


  1. Bugtraq

Bugtraq is an operating system that includes a diverse collection of pen-testing tools, such as mobile forensic tools, virus testing tools, and so on. It is simple to make use of the Bugtraq products and services. This setting delivers pleasant service while incorporating new technologies. Bugtraq is a tool that enables hackers to monitor and scan a live system.


  • This operating system provides the most complete and optimal solution.
  • It is based on kernel versions 3.2 and 3.4.
  • This platform is simple to use and may be used by anyone.
  • Using a live DVD or USB drive, you can install this platform.
  • A large number of languages are supported.
  • Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available.


  1. CAINE

Being an Ubuntu-based app; CAINE provides an overall forensic environment with a graphical user interface. It is free to use. As a module, this system can be added to pre-existing software tools to provide enhanced functionality. In terms of hacking, it is amongst the greatest operating systems available because it automatically removes the data from RAM.


  • It is an open-source project, which means that anyone can contribute to it.
  • CAINE puts all of the devices in read-only mode and prevents them from working.
  • This operating system can be integrated into current software.
  • During the digital inquiry, the digital investigator is supported by his or her environment.
  • You have the ability to personalize the various CAINE features available.
  • It provides an operating system that is user-friendly.


  1. Samurai Web Testing

In addition to being supported on VMWare (cloud computing software) VirtualBox, the Samurai Web Testing operating system is also supported on Microsoft Windows and virtualization products. This live Linux environment has been set up to allow for web pen-testing to take place. A variety of tools for assaulting websites are included in the package.


  • Known as the Samurai Web Testing Framework, it is a freely available tool that focuses on assaulting websites.
  • It comes pre-installed for use in a web-based pen-testing scenario.
  • It can be utilized for the purpose of concentrating on an assault on a website.
  • It includes tools such as WebScaraband ratproxy, amongst others.


  1. Network Security Toolkit

Being a Linux-based live DVD/USB flash drive; the Network Security Toolkit (NST) may be used to test network security. Computer security and data security features are available for download that are free and open-source and are widely used as hacking tools. Those who hack into networks and network traffic monitors use this distribution to carry out normal security and traffic monitoring tasks.


  • You may simply obtain open-source network security applications from the internet.
  • It has a WUI that is simple to use (Web User Interface).
  • The Network Security Toolkit can be used to validate the results of a network security study.
  • It includes the monitoring of a virtual server that hosts virtual machines on it.


  1. DEFT Linux

DEFT Linux, often known as the Digital Evidence and Forensic Toolkit, is a Linux-based operating system. Linux is a computer operating system built for hacking and computer forensics. A live system can be used with this platform without causing device corruption. Because it includes capabilities for information security and computer forensics, it is considered to be one of the greatest operating systems available for hackers. Hackers, IT auditors, investigators, and other professionals can make use of these tools.


  • It is equipped with a hardware detecting feature.
  • Open-source programs for study are available in this environment.
  • It provides two options: a selection of major view packages and a selection of all tracked packages.


  1. DemonLinux

DemonLinux is a Linux-based distribution model that is mostly available for hacking and malware distribution. It comes with a lightweight desktop environment and has a dark appearance and a consumer user interface, this platform is a great choice for business users. DemonLinux makes it possible to search for and open anything with a single keystroke.


  • By pressing the Windows key, you can perform a quick search on the items you require.
  • It has a straightforward dock design which is a tab located at the bottom of the operating system.
  • It is compatible with both Google Chrome and Firefox.
  • To save time, a fast access menu allows you to quickly record your desktop or snap a screenshot.



Technology and the web have completely taken over the globe in today's world, in every way. Everything, from our phones and laptops to our lights and locks, is increasingly being connected to the internet. Our security is heavily reliant on the corporations that design and build our technology.

Companies acquire sensitive information about us and track our movements on a constant basis. Concerns have been expressed by a large number of professionals around the world about data privacy and data security. It is for this reason that ethical hackers and penetration testers are needed.


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