Front-end is a development aimed at creating design and web interfaces.

They are in charge of building the client side of the web application and determining how it will work with the main firmware that the backend developer is preparing.

Responsibilities and Skills

A modern specialist in this field should be versatile and understand many things - to be a designer, coder and even a programmer all rolled into one.

1 . Development

  • creating projects from scratch
  • refinement of existing projects
  • development of business logic and back-end systems to support the product
  • designing user interfaces
  • creation of functional APIs (collaboration with front-end developers)
  • HTML5/CSS3 layout

2. Analysis

The front-end developer analyzes the client's existing systems and develops ways to integrate the product being created and these systems.

3. Testing

Creation of unit, integration tests and utilities for automating ongoing tests.

4. Optimization

Extension of code optionality and improvement of the user portal (JS, CSS). Also improving the process of assembling static resources in web browsers and mobile versions of applications.


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Requirements for a Frontend developer

The main goal is to translate the design layout into easily readable and extensible code so that everything in the browser or application works quickly and in a user-friendly way.


  • knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 languages
  • ability to debug JS code
  • experience in adaptive and cross-browser layout
  • understanding of JS frameworks (Angular2/ReactJS/jQuery/Node.js)
  • Ability to work with version control systems (GIT, etc.)
  • knowledge of project build tools (WebPack, Grunt or Gulp)
  • possession of skills in optimizing the loading of web pages, the ability to solve problems with reflow and repaint
  • familiarity with the underscore library
  • ability to customize CMS templates
  • knowledge of package managers (npm, bower)
  • understanding of design principles

The professionals of Devox Software, which develops interfaces, meet all the above requirements. The development team creates interactive applications and helps to attract their customers:

How to become a Frontend developer

Specialists study at universities and IT schools. You can take courses or independently by studying video tutorials with a logical explanation of all actions. In terms of practice, the courses are very useful, as they often allow you to take mini-internships during your studies and solve problems for real web projects.

Most employers do not need diplomas, they only look at the professional capabilities of the candidate and their use in practice. Therefore, having mastered important knowledge, after several months of training and creating a portfolio, you can count on an initial position in one of the companies aimed at developing websites and web applications.

Important qualities

The front-end developer will be very useful for success in his work:

  • analytical mind
  • a responsibility
  • attention to details
  • creative skills
  • punctuality
  • skill to work in team
  • focus on results
  • a constant desire to learn new technologies and tools


The front-end developer position is in demand in companies that make websites and create web applications. It defines the functionality and appearance of a web resource, animates the pages, adds transitions, pop-ups, drop-down menus, animations and other interactive elements to them. It depends on how correctly the site will be displayed and work when it is opened in different browsers and from different devices.

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