It is not a secret that the PDF is a commonly used file format that is created by Adobe. The advantage of this format is the ability to exchange documents across different devices and platforms. In order to make changes to a PDF file, it must be converted into Word. 

Before how to compress a pdf, you need to choose a reliable tool. As a rule, people select Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe ExportPDF and Canva PDF editor software to convert PDF files. It is very convenient that almost all programs have a trial version that can be tested for free. It gives you an opportunity to be familiarized with them.

Converting PDF to Word without software

In this option, you can use edit a pdf online. Moreover, there is no need to download software to modify or convert the file. There are possible solutions:

  • choose a free pdf to word converter;
  • use Google PDF to Word Converter;
  • convert the document using Microsoft Word;
  • choose the Adobe Acrobat online tool;
  • use Adobe ExportPDF to export PDF to Word.

Before working with PDF files, keep in mind that they are available in two versions - text and scanned. The text version is easier to work with, as it can be easily converted to Office format. If we speak about a scanned document, you will need OCR for it. If you do not use it, unfortunately the pdf software editor will not be able to recognize elements in the file. 

Free PDF to Word Conversion

This free online converter is one of the most convenient ways to work with PDF files. There is no need to install any software. Main advantages of EasePDF:

  • fast conversion, compression, and editing of PDF files;
  • a wide range of functions;
  • free registration;
  • opportunity to upgrade to Premium.

First you need to go to the EasePDF page. For doing it you should upload the pdf file that you want to convert. Please keep in mind that the program supports PDF to Word conversion, so you can download and process multiple files at the same time. You can also merge pdf documents.

Google PDF to Word Converter

Google Docs is a great online word processor where you can create and edit documents. You can edit Word documents in it. Therefore, you don't need to download any software in order to do so. 

In Google Docs, you can open PDF files and save them not only in Word, but also in other formats: docx, rtf, txt, epub. This is the best tool to write on pdf online. A simple guide for working with Google Docs:

  • for Log in to Google Docs you need to use your Google account;
  • Upload the PDF file;
  • make any changes you want;
  • save the file in Word format.

When choosing a converter for daily work with PDF files, it is important to pay attention to the following features:

  • the ability to extract different elements;
  • format selection;
  • speed of conversion;
  • the cost of using the tool;
  • safety.

Bear in mind that it is crucial to choose a quality and reliable tool to edit, compress, convert and combine pdf.

Use Adobe Acrobat

This is a great online tool that is used to convert PDF files. There is a free version that is valid for 7 days. You need to pay if you want to use it more. If you find it difficult to edit scanned documents and files that contain images and other elements, Adobe Acrobat is a great tool for you to use. 

Load the file from Microsoft Word. In the settings, you can choose the options for converting to Word files. There are layouts, images, comments, and other elements available. Also a pdf splitter is provided. After the conversion, the file needs to be "Save as Word." 

There is a wide selection of online tools that can help you convert PDF files to Word. Do not hesitate using the best program to work with your documents safely.

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