The success of any business depends on its ability to work quickly and with high quality. Nowadays, business development is so fast that many companies simply can’t keep up and leave the race.

Thus, every business needs the best framework for web development that can handle the desirable high speed of work. Laravel is among such frameworks. Let’s find out what Laravel is and what the benefits of the Laravel framework for business are.

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What is the Laravel framework?

Giving an understandable explanation of the Laravel framework is pretty challenging. We will try to provide a simple description so that experts and non-technical readers can understand it.

The main aim of this article is to clarify what Laravel is and give the arguments why you should select the Laravel framework for web development.

Laravel is a PHP framework based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller principle). Its main features are:

- Easy to use
- smart
- openly accessible
- progressive applications and business systems

The key attitude of Laravel is the concern that the software development process should be as simple, high-quality, and fast as possible. Laravel has lots of developer-oriented features, which provide better work quality. The developers stay focused on the main processes, as they don’t require writing code from the beginning.

Laravel allows developing web applications with many custom features of other frameworks. Laravel web development will be ideal for you if you want to significantly decrease the time required for application development.

Quality is one of the biggest Laravel benefits; simplicity and intuitiveness distinguish applications built with Lavarel. It is not applied for banking app development and company social websites, but developing a general website type is more than necessary.

The reason Laravel has gained so much recognition among developers is its ease-of-use, which significantly reduces coding time.

Laravel Framework

In what cases should we use Laravel Framework for developing?

Laravel framework is an excellent choice for companies looking for outstanding ideas to boost customer experience. Many successful e-commerce websites (Fox47, Yulair, Bonappetour) were built with Laravel. This framework is perfect for the development of extendable and integrable apps. Laravel's outstanding reputation among developers continues to grow not only in the USA but in the whole world. If you hire Laravel developers who are professional engineers, you will get lots of advantages.

9 Key benefits of Laravel Framework for development

1- Active libraries

Laravel offers many libraries and tools for app development that are unavailable for other frameworks. One of these libraries is authentication. They are simple to install, and your data is well-secured. The core Laravel benefit is simple data requesting processing.

2- Exhaustive database management

Database management is the main constituent of the web development procedure. It requires some time and effort, but Laravel turns this process into a smooth and fast one. It applies tools such as seeds and Migration to update databases and migrate data between different web servers. Eloquent Object Relational Mapping makes linking the related databases much easier with PHP. As a result, the page load time is significantly reduced.

3- Flexibility and cost-effectiveness

Laravel gives you access to a personalizable user interface, and if it's necessary, you may develop apps in several languages. This allows for creating extendable, feature-diverse, and browser-independent applications without much effort and money. Tasks can be finished quickly, thereby boosting the scope and reach of your business.

4- Managing errors and exceptions

Your business is hugely influenced by any kind of failure occurring on your website. Such errors lead to negative experiences and traffic reduction. Data entry forms are considered the most vulnerable and unprotected from bugs, so these pages require special protection. Laravel suggests the Monolog logging library method, enabling the reduction of errors on different websites. If you update it regularly, it is even more effective at reducing website errors. Laravel promptly notifies users about any exceptions and boosts user fulfillment via a friendly and convenient interface.

5- First-rate mail integrating services

Laravel provides easy and clear mailing integration services. In the United States, Laravel is employed by such services as Amazon SES and SparkPost. It allows sending mail via local or cloud servers quickly. What is more, it supports sending notifications via various channels like SMS, messengers, social media, etc.

6- Cache integrating

Nowadays, possessing many features is not sufficient for the website. The tools for boosting effectiveness should also be applied. Caching boosts the whole system’s functioning. For instance, Caching via the installed drivers is provided by Laravel, which ensures the storing of objects in the built-in data system. The limit of caching may be different. This brings such advantages as a high level of back-end performance, completing the tasks at high speed, and advancing the memory control.

7- High efficiency

Laravel business websites are developed by employing effective framework features and are considered high-performance. Developers choose the most appropriate tools to be integrated into development, substantially increasing the level of website performance. The tools and libraries Laravel employs help simplify time-consuming and repetitive processes, such as slowly loaded pages.

8- Automated testing

Testing and publishing are essential parts of web development. The main benefit of Laravel in engineering is built-in automated testing support. The testing procedure offers methods for tracking and fixing bugs and errors. The employment of professional Laravel developers will have such benefits as a faster testing process, applying various scenarios to reduce the risk of code-breaking, and automated gap addressing.

9- Developer support

The last among the benefits of Laravel development is support from developers. There are lots of guides and resources that provide a better understanding of Laravel. Many developers are ready to give quick answers to any questions. Most problems that may occur can be solved with the help of the Laravel developer community.

Laravel Framework

Disadvantages of the Laravel framework

Apart from all the significant benefits, there are also some disadvantages concerning the Laravel framework. First, we should bear in mind that there is no universal framework, which would be perfect for everyone. Here are some other cons of the Laravel framework:

1- Support lack

There is no support option included in the framework itself. This is a significant shortcoming compared to the leading competitors. The tips for this issue may be the use of third-party tools for getting support. There is also a big support community of developers, but it is separate from the framework itself.

2- Problems with several updates

There can be some framework issues after platform updates. But these problems can be quickly and easily solved by the programmer responding to updates.

3- Not as simple as it first seems

Laravel is considered a developer-oriented and straightforward framework. However, there are still some features that require simplification. These issues can be solved with the help of support from experienced developers.

4- Putting it all together

Let’s admit that the ideal framework for any task simply doesn’t exist. If we had the perfect framework, everyone would use only that one. Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks because it allows for fast development and user-friendly and function-rich applications. Its structure is clear and simple, significantly boosting the development process by saving time and improving quality. On the other hand, it has disadvantages, too. But all the problems associated with Laravel can be easily solved. It remains an excellent choice for the majority of cases.

Laravel Framework

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