The SEO agency will in many cases be willing to do some preliminary research into your industry and talk you through some of the relevant strategies that they have successfully used in the past and produced good results.

A consultation meeting like this will help you get a feel for the SEO agency’s personality, their passion, along with how they work. It will also give you the perfect opportunity to ask them questions that will inform your decision-making. 

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Here’s a list of questions that you could potentially ask to help you make a decision:

What Do You Know About Our Industry? 

It will show you the amount of time the gambling casino SEO agency has actually spent researching you beforehand and whether they have any experience in your sector. SEO can only be truly successful if the SEO agency understands your business so that it matches how you work and what your audience wants help with.

Who Will Be Managing Our Account, and Who Will Be Responsible for the Day-to-Day Work?

You want to know who will be in charge of your project in-house as well as who’s responsible for actually doing the work. They are usually not the same. The high-level management official that comes to sales meetings might never actually look at your website again. So, establish who you will be communicating with – the delivery team or an account manager.

Can I Meet the Team That Will Be Working on My Project?

If the representatives of the SEO agency present at the meeting won’t be doing the day-to-day work, ensure that it’s possible to meet those that will be.

How Much of the Work Will Be Done In-House?

Smaller SEO agencies often outsource some of their work, and you need to know where your work is being done, even if the SEO agency will be reviewing it carefully.

What Is Your Approach to SEO – What Do You Usually Do to Influence Google’s Results?

Open-ended questions like this one will give you a bit of insight into how the SEO agency approaches their work, what they emphasize, and whether they follow a particular set of processes for everybody or act in a more bespoke way for every campaign.

Are You Able to Provide an Overview of the Work That Will Comprise Our Strategy? What Processes Will You Use to Accomplish Our Goals, and Why Will You Be Using Those Specific Processes?

The vast majority of SEO agencies will provide an itemized schedule of the work they intend to do as part of a proposal. Still, even at the consultation stage, they need to provide you with some rough figures on what they aspire to do for you.

What Will You Require from Us to Make This Work?

Unfortunately, this can get complex very quickly. The SEO agency should essentially be an extension of your team as opposed to an external subject you’ve never had contact with. Similarly, they will likely require your input to have successful campaigns, such as communicating with the PR team and developers, making technical SEO fixes, etc.

If the SEO agency is going to give lots of recommendations, will they act on them (if allowed) or will it be up to you to do it. You might be tempted to hand over all SEO responsibility to the agency, but ideally, you should be involved in the project, if only to fully understand what’s being done. SEO is a cumulative process, and the more the input that goes in, the better the results that will be produced.

Can We See Examples of Content That You Have Researched and Created for a Client?

You want to see proof of the SEO agency’s ability to create content that does an excellent job of matching searcher intent with useful and properly optimized content. If these experts are to be set loose on your website, you want evidence they are capable of creating content you’re proud of.

Will You Edit Content on My Website? What Pieces of Content Will You Create?

Unless you’ve created outstanding content in the past, the SEO agency will probably want to edit, expand, or even optimize some of the existing content – relying purely on link building is missing part of the puzzle.

It’s likely the SEO agency will also consider adding new landing pages that target new keywords. You can also find out how they plan to optimize content and why this is important. You can expect a good SEO agency to want to look at your Google Analytics to identify pages that can be improved.

Can We See Examples of Links You Have Earned for Clients? And What Kind of Link Building Would You Do for Us?

This is another important aspect of SEO that you should see evidence of. You ideally want links from important websites (either highly respected within an industry or niche or by popularity, e.g., newspapers), and want to see how the SEO agency goes about creating attention for clients. 

You will hopefully see how the SEO agency uses creative ideas to come up with tools, research, or stores that other websites want to talk about and share.

How Often Will You Be Running Audits?

You might feel that the technical SEO for your website is complete after the initial auditing period, but a good agency will have periodic audits to ensure that everything works as it should.

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