Searching for the best Linux educational Software to help with studies? You have come to the right place. Teachers, students, and school administrators have to get creative when it comes to finding quality software that can be free of cost, or at affordable rates.

Quality educational apps are hard to find, particularly on a student budget. Therefore, it makes sense that schools and students turn to open-source software to save up money. Many people don’t have an idea about the various outstanding educational applications that are present for a Linux OS.

We have put together a list of the 5 top best educational software that will make studies and education a little bit easier for you. Hopefully, you will see at least one great application that is perfect for your needs and requirements.

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1. iTALC

iTALC stands for Intelligent Teaching and Learning with Computers. It is a highly powerful and useful tool for teachers. With the help of iTALC, you can control and view other PCs in a network in several ways.

This means that the teacher can view the desktop of each student and monitor their work to help them out whenever needed. Moreover, there are various other useful features such as the function to show the desktop of the teacher to all the students at the same time in a window on their screens.

Unlike other highly expensive options, iTALC is completely in-house. Not only does it support Linux, but it supports some versions of Windows as well, making it more accessible and user-friendly.

2. FET

FET stands for Free Evolutionary Timetabling in the beginning, but now it is simply known as the timetabling application. It is an open-source application that allows you to automatically schedule a timetable for a high school, college, university, etc.

It is written in the C++ programming language and there are several custom versions of FET present as well. The complicated scheduling of university schedules and k-12 becomes very simple using FET, and you can manage the scheduling tasks pretty easily.

The application uses a heuristic algorithm and takes several things into consideration before making a timetable. You need to input things such as days per week, subjects, teachers, years, groups, buildings, room, etc.

Once you enter the necessary data, FET will run the algorithm and you will get an automatic schedule at your hands. FET works with Linux, OS X, and Windows.

3. Gcompris

Gcompris is an educational suite that contains various educational entertainment apps for kids from the ages of 2 to 10/ It was originally written in Python and C but was rewritten in C++ later.

It is open-source software. The name of the software is a pun as in the French Language the same pronunciation means ‘I have understood’, J'ai compris. It works with Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, etc.

There are various games that help kids understand things better, such as how to use a computer, how to excel in science, geography, reading, math, etc. There are over 100 activities on this website for kids.

There are various online writing tools that work with Linux OS that can help you manage your assignments, write your thesis, etc. such as:
• Grammarly - With the help of apps like Grammarly, you can easily remove all the grammatical mistakes and errors from your essay, and get high praises from your professor.
PapersOwl - If you are looking for an online tool that will help you write your research paper, manage your assignments, etc., then PapersOwl is one such service you should keep your eye out for.
• Copyscape - With the help of the Copyscape plagiarism checker, you can see which parts of your texts are not original, and then you can make changes in your work accordingly.
• Readable - It checks the readability of your work and ensures that your work passes the various readability criteria such as percentage of transition words, proper usage of active and passive voice, etc.

4. Kstars

It is an open-source, multi-platform, complimentary software from KDE that gives an accurate simulation of the night sky, no matter where you are on Earth, at any date & time. The graphical display includes over 100 million stars, all 8 planets, Sun, Moon, comets, satellites, supernovae, asteroids, etc.

It supports adjustable simulation speeds so that you can easily view a phenomenon that occurs over long timescales. The Astro Calculator can be used to predict conjunctions and do various other astronomical calculations.

There is a sky calendar tool, KDE observation planner, and various other features that make it very useful for people studying astronomy. You can use this software with various telescopes, DSLRs, filters, focusers, etc.

5. Debian Edu

This Linux distribution is an educational version of Debian and it comes with over 70 open-source education-oriented apps that can be used both at home and in a classroom. The DebianEdu OS comes with the complete LibreOffice package.

The students who are familiar with Debian would love working and in a familiar environment. Since it is open-source, you can add other projects if you know how to do a bit of coding since the software comes with a complete manual that tells you about the internal functions of the system.

Final Word

We live in a digital world, where everything from our personal to professional lives is available online. With progress in technology, there are several learning software that you can use in your classes and further your learning.

There are various Linux distributions that you can use to further your learning and studies apart from the ones we have briefly discussed above. Linux is a vast OS with an immense range of Linux distros based on varying needs and requirements.

Hopefully, you will see a Linux distro above that will fulfill your educational needs and requirements. Whether you are looking for one to help the kids in your class or whether you want an application for your own needs, there is a whole world of tech out there waiting to be explored.

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