When the traditional approach won't cut it, and you're looking to build your organization's ability to deliver software and applications at high levels, then adapting the DevOps methodology is your best bet. The only problem here is that there is no one fix-it-all method in this approach.

It's challenging to navigate your way to maximizing software development, organizational culture, and IT investments, especially when you're new to DevOps. But not to worry, the following sections reveal five top books that can help you out.

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Here are the top five books to help introduce you to the world of DevOps implementation and engineering.

1. The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

When many people think about DevOps books, boredom isn't always too far away from their thoughts. But going through this write-up will change your perception. Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Safford are the brains behind this literature piece. They collectively have almost a century's worth of experience in IT management, and this fact shines through on reading their brainchild.

These men rip the rule book down the middle and go on to write arguably the most enthralling and informative publication you could lift with the tag DevOps.

What it Contains

You get to delve into a fictional story that introduces you to the implementation of DevOps, exploring the connections of Devs and Ops segments, while highlighting the need to routinely improve and optimize SDLC processes. This written publication exits the technical and delves into the non-technical aspects of the subject, an area most write-ups often overlook. It shines the spotlight on crucial theories surrounding risk-taking and team collaboration.

If you're an IT professional or executive on the hunt for an inspiring and refreshing take on DevOps processes and practices, then consider adding This title to your booklist.

2. The DevOps Handbook: How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, and Security

Many experts and professionals in the field of DevOps have read this title at least once during their careers. It provides an excellent overview of the system serving as a launching pad for newbies. Renowned SDLC specialists Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, and John Willis are the authors of this publication.

Yes, it's connected with the Phoenix Project, serving as its follow-up.
40 big-name brands, such as Facebook, Target, Google, Etsy, and more, serve as its case studies. And expect to get actionable guidance to applying DevOps principles to your regular SDLC routine, thanks to a variety of How-to sequences the authors provide in this publication.

What it Contains

If you are looking to master the basics of implementing DevOps theories, consider giving The DevOps Handbook a read. It's one of the few great books that helps you gain an understanding of when and why incorporating DevOps systems would help give your enterprise a boost in the modern world.

The authors provide a rundown of how companies are achieving this feat, referencing reports obtained from over 25,000 points over a 5-year period.

3. Accelerate: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations

Data is an essential part of DevOps, and this book provides you with this information while highlighting how you can utilize it. You get the research work of Puppet, and some of the industry's most brilliant minds, Jez Humble, Dr. Nicole Forsgren, and Gene Kim conducted measuring software deployment and its continuous delivery. A compilation that took these experts four years.
When looking to gain knowledge of the DevOps field, the best approach would be researching the area.

Students encounter this scenario multiple times when writing a thesis, with many of them asking, "Can I have someone write my thesis for me?" Such write-ups proceed to serve as a guide for their research work and make it easy for them to organize their paper without taking on too much work. Accelerate also serves such a purpose, aiding managers to pick out the essential elements to determine performance.

What it Contains

Picking up Accelerate, you get extensive research, methodologies, and reports that guide and help you learn how to measure software delivery performance using rigorous statistical methods.
This publication went on to receive global recognition, and even won the Shingo Publication Award for its groundbreaking ideologies.

C-learners, developers, and managers at every level should read this title to help them stay ahead and relevant in the evolving technological world.

4. Infrastructure as Code: Managing Servers in the Cloud

Almost every tech company has some form of automation software implemented in their program. The trends point to businesses needing to adopt this approach to enhance their execution.
To set automated tech to their operations, firms would need to simplify ITOps tasks.

But such actions open your firm to several server problems, such as the addition of unnecessary bottlenecks. Many IT firms fix such issues by managing their server resources as codes, and this title can help you prepare ahead and navigate your firm through such scenarios.

What it Contains

Kief Morris is the author of this title. It discusses the potential issues you could encounter with transitioning while highlighting several techniques, patterns, and tools you can employ to implement infrastructure as a code.

Newbies and team leaders will find this Kief Morris write-up an enthralling and informative read for understanding the nuances of utilizing cloud servers.

5. Effective DevOps: Building a Society of Collaboration, Affinity, and Tooling at Scale

Jennifer Davis and Ryn Daniels collaborated to craft this quality write-up discussing the theories and approach to developing your DevOps firm while managing company culture. Their main focus was helping managers and individuals in leadership roles, have a better grasp of its benefits, and how DevOps fits in the grand scheme of things.

The central idea being how these professionals can improve harmony, communication, and more between teams.

What it Contains

This book provides comprehensible content on DevOps. It moves away from the traditional approach of discussing tools, processes, and technologies but instead focuses on the cultural aspects of DevOps implementation. You can read about critical topics and issues such as building collaboration, conflict resolution, and more.

If you want to gain a good knowledge of how SDLC theories fit into the technological future, then consider giving this title a read.

Final Thoughts

A newbie would find navigating and implementing DevOps theories. Our book picks on this subject can aid you, helping you understand this movement is more than just a tool application. It also encompasses cultural change, ensuring that you've got the knowledge to move your firm or business to the next level.

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