Being a student means dealing with a wide range of assignments along with managing other aspects of life. To have your life sorted out as a student, it is crucial to have a decent laptop and an excellent operating system. Hence, we've put together some best Linux Distros to choose from.

Linux Mint

It is one of the easiest to use operating systems for students. Its features are powerful yet simple. Besides, it has a great design and good speed to get your work done efficiently. Here is why it is suitable for people of all ages:

  • It is stable.
  • It's robust and fast.
  • It has a clean interface.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • It has a lower memory usage in Cinnamon than GNOME.
  • It provides around 30 thousand packages.
  • It has one of the best software managers.

The best part about Linux Mint is that it works well with multimedia support. Besides, it is community-driven and safe, and reliable. Users of Linux Mint are encouraged to send feedback so that their feedback can be used to improve it even more. 

The majority of the perfect essay writers choose to use Linux Mint because it is efficient, simple to use, and as elegant as possible.

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Ubuntu Studio

It suits you best if you are a creative individual or deal with audio, video production, photography, illustration, designing, and desktop publishing. The much anticipated Ubuntu studio's latest versions are out and creating waves. The recently released 20.04.3 LTS Focal Fossa (Xfce Desktop) is a Long-Term support release supported until April 2023. Another exciting launch came in with 21.10 Impish Indri, which is a Plasma Desktop.  This regular release is supported until July 2022. The best Linux distro for students who aim to record, mix or master live processing is pretty delighted to explore a variety of tools featured in Ubuntu studio. Moreover, it is free to download and use software for students competing in the creative field of multimedia. 

A creative person always thinks out of the box, so is your creative partner. The Ubuntu studio up-gradation takes place every six months with the latest release. The long-term release version is released only every two years with upgraded tools, new features, and functions to ensure the production from Ubuntu studio is high quality. 

Pop! _OS

An operating system designed to keep an account of the STEM and creative students. The Pop! _OS is an easy-to-use, free-to-download, open-source, reliable software meant to make your life easy.  With it, science and technology, engineering and mathematics problems, and course works are conveniently addressed. 

It helps students streamline their assignments, daily routine work, and special projects with fast navigation, organized settings, and smooth workflow. The operating system allows you to discover new horizons and act as a catalyst in creation. Many students tend to prefer Pop! _OS when it comes to perfect customized solutions for almost everything. It is like having something you always wanted. With wide-ranging options and mouse-driven and keyword-driven customizations, it empowers students to navigate workflow. Also, it encourages the subtle management of tasks.

Elementary OS

Elementary OS revolutionized the operating system industry by claiming a thoughtful, capable, and ethical replacement for Windows and macOS. Elementary OS revolutionized the active system industry. A multitasking view feature makes you feel better while working. The experience it promises is worth the money. Yes, it asks you to pay for your expertise with elementary OS. But, pay what you can enable you to customize your settings, views, enhance features, and benefits. Students love to see an operating system offering swipe to play or tap away to the workspace. It is rated high for its picture-in-picture and does not disturb features. It allows the user to have an interactive, user-friendly interface that is easy to maneuver from one task to another. The balanced, stylish appearance and its powerful operations make it the first choice for students. Apart from the beautiful ambiance and multi-touch pad option, it also works as your partner in keeping the device storage free. They do not disturb feature allows you to mute your notifications while watching a Netflix series. 

Endless OS

Endless OS is a free, easy-to-use operating system with over 100 apps that can be used offline. It is an on-the-go functional operating system. It has taken Linux to a whole next level. It is unique in terms of access to ample offline content and application usage. Furthermore, it makes it suitable for developing countries with limited or no internet access.  So you have access to stuff like Wikipedia even with no internet. Intrigued? Let us dig a bit deeper to find out why Endless OS is unique, intuitive, and so powerful? Among the popular Linux education operating systems, Endless, as the name suggests, holds a value that none matches. It allows users to use more than 100 offline apps. These include games, educational support for cooking, health, farming reference material, Travel, and a robust Encyclopedia. The notables include the LibreOffice suite, Tux Math, MineTest, CAD 3D, and so more.

Kano OS

Kano OS by far tops the list of Linux for schools operating systems. This cute, colorful, and eye-catching interface is designed to teach kids how a computer is made and works. How does the vibrant colored circuit board work? How a computer is built and ultimately how to code apps and games are also taught through this excellent Kano OS. Custom design for kids Kano OS comes with kits especially predesigned for kids. Besides the app and free download operating system, the Computer Kit is available at low-cost rates. A Complete pack includes a 10.1-inch display for a laptop-like setup, a Bluetooth keyboard with a touchpad, and all cables necessary to make it work. 

AcademiX GNU/ Linux

Another notable educational Linux distro is the AcademiX GNU/ Linux, specially designed for teaching purposes. Academix GNU / contains many programs with free licenses for primary education in higher education and several utility programs to offer. A significant aspect of this OS is that it works perfectly all right with old and low-power hardware computers. An ultra-high graphic quality with low resource consumption is guaranteed. The intuitive interface allows teachers to navigate smoothly and effectively. The user-friendly outlook of the OS prioritizes teaching subjects like mathematics, statistics, geography, chemistry, physics, and electronics. Moreover, creative and multimedia graphics, office, music, audio and video editing, programming, and other areas of study are accompanied by interactive virtual laboratories.

Indeed, all of these operating systems are good to use and suitable for students. So, go through their features carefully and select the one that suits you the best. Having an appropriate operating system is sure to enhance your digital experience. 

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