Hello linux-fanatics, in this post i will be discussing some important that will make your life as System Administrator. As we all know being a good System Administrator means knowing everything about your IT Infrastructure & having all the information about your servers, whether its hardware or OS. So following commands will help you out in extracting out all the hardware & system information.

1- Viewing system information

$ uname -a

uname command

It will provide you all the information about your system. It will provide you with Kernel name of system, Hostname, Kernel version, Kernel Release, Hardware name.

2- Viewing Hardware information

$ lshw

lshw command

Using lshw will show you all the Hardware information on your screen.


3- Viewing Block Devices(Hard disks, Flash drives) information

$ lsblk

lsblk command

lsblk command prints all the information regarding block devices on screen. Use lsblk -a to show all the block devices.

4- Viewing CPU information

$ lscpu

lscpu command

lscpu shows all the CPU information on screen.

5- Viewing PCI information

$ lspci

lspci command

All the network adapter cards, USB cards, Graphics cards are termed as PCIs. To view their information use lspci .

lspci -v will give detailed information regarding PCI cards.

lspci -t will show them in tree format.

6- Viewing USB information

$ lsusb

lsusb command

To view information regarding all USB controllers & devices connected to them, we use lsusb

7- Viewing SCSI information

$ lssci


To view SCSI information type lsscsi. lsscsi -s will also show the size of partition.

8- Viewing file system information

$ fdisk -l

fdisk command

Using fdisk -l will show information regarding the file system. Although main function of fdisk utility is to modify a file system, you can create new partitions, delete old ones ( more on that in my future tutorial).


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