Everyone who has ever gone online has probably heard of Linux. But have you wanted to know what it is? And do you know that it can be used in school? Linux is a powerful system that works well in schools and not just a vague system that computer experts throw out in conversation. 

You may have wanted to understand what Linux is and how it can help in whichever learning environment you are in. And we are here to help you with that.

Linux is an operating system, much like Windows or iOS. Except it is open-source and hence cheap. It is great for schools that want to improve learning too. Speaking of school, if you need expertly done assistance on assignments around Linux, you can look through https://domyhomework123.com/take-my-online-class.

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Let’s start.

  • It’s Affordable

When installing computers for a school, you will not only cover the cost of buying the computers but also the cost of the proprietary software. Let’s consider the Windows Operating system. You first have to buy it, and then you will have to pay the activation fee often as it tends to expire. 

Linux on the other hand is cheap. You buy the operating system, and you can load it on as many computers as you want. This low cost is not only for the proprietary software but also for the large numbers of apps and supporting software which are practically free. You can also borrow the system itself from another school or individual and you won’t face licensing charges. 

Another way Linux is affordable is with the X Window System. With this, you only need one highly efficient workstation to be used and connected to other simple computers. You will not need an individual workstation for each computer. So a school may invest in one powerful workstation but get cheaper computers for the students to use.

When considering the costs you will have saved, they are going to be enormous.

  • No License Management

For your own personal computer, you might be okay paying license fees for all the software you use. However, for schools, this can get expensive. This is how software licensing works. You buy the software and the cost covers the license. 

But after a while, you need to pay to keep the license active. These licenses are important to show that the institution is not violating its license agreement. You have an advantage with Linux as such charges are not included in the initial purchase. You not only save money but you also avoid violating a license agreement and paying out massive fines.

  • Easily Duplicated

Educational institutions often require that students use specific proprietary software to do assignments at home. However, what they don’t do, probably because of the cost, is provide the software for the students. This leads to the students using the wrong software. Or ‘piracy’ of the software by students. 

Linux makes it easy to duplicate its software and associated apps and services. This way students can get copies which they can then load onto their home machines at no extra cost. It is this reason why Linux is probably the least pirated of the operating systems.

  • Compatible with Most Devices

Have you ever had to purchase a new computer because your operating system refuses to work since it is obsolete?  Every computer comes with its one capability to host a particular operating system and other software. 

For example, now most people will have to get a new computer that can host the new Microsoft Windows 11.  This is because, with each new upgrade, the system will require much more space and ability to run it.

The good thing with Linux is you don’t need to update your computer for a long time. This is because it is very compatible with most devices including older computers. One reason for this is that Linux’s code is written much more compact and thus requires less power and storage space to hold as compared to Windows. 

Another reason is that Linux is much easier to configure to the capabilities of the computer on which it is being installed. So you can make Linux work on your old laptop with little to no issues. 

A feature of Linux that makes all this possible is the use of X Window System. This is a technique where an application runs elsewhere as it is displayed elsewhere. So your computer will appear like it is running a huge software, but in reality, it is run elsewhere by the use of a computer network. But when upgrading Linux, it is possible to continue using the same software.

  • It Is Stable

In addition to the already low cost of acquiring the Linux system, administrative and maintenance costs are also very low. This is once the system administrators and staff members acquire a certain degree of expertise. The reason for this is that Linux is built to be stable. It rarely crashes and will need minimal maintenance. And once the system is secure, it is quite resistant to malware, viruses, and other types of bad code.

Making sure that Windows is secure and stable is a very time-consuming thing and it also needs to be done frequently. Not only will Linux not need a lot of maintenance time and costs, but learning in school will continue with minimal interruptions. 

  • It Boosts Knowledge of Computers

Finally, using the Linux system will help both the teachers and students understand computers better. As it is easy to maintain, it would be advisable that the teachers and students learn how to set it up and maintain it. 

With the emphasis on STEM fields, learning more about computers will be an advantage. Teachers will even be able to develop easy and better ways of teaching. On the other hand, students will be better at being innovative. 

Last Words

If you have been looking for a reason to adopt Linux for yourself or your students, well, you got them. Not only will you save a lot of money, but you will be making the process of educating others much easier. 

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