Although each user can have a clear idea of ​​the best computer desk for them, this furniture item should not be chosen without thought. The ideal scenario is to always inform yourself about the perfect parameters and characteristics before deciding to acquire a given model. Preferably, you should be aware of its design, practicality, and size.

By doing so, you will minimize the risk of getting a bad deal. Our buying guide can help you see things more clearly.

How to choose a good computer desk?

This article is a buying guide for the best computer desks. Through it, we will give you advice related to the criteria for choosing this furniture item and will help you easily find the model that is right for you when buying one. These features include design, practicality, and size.


By looking at a price comparison engine and figuring out how to buy a better value computer desk, you can easily find answers, while also taking into consideration the design of this item. Choosing a product based on this criterion allows you to have a model that can effectively meet not only your needs but also your tastes.

There are several possibilities when choosing a computer desk. You are free to make a selection taking into consideration the use you plan to make of this desk. Some models are limited to receiving a PC, or constitute a storage place for books, while others can accommodate different types of computer hardware that you may want to have handy when working. 

When it comes to color, shape, and aesthetics, we believe there is something for everyone, especially on


A practical model gives you access to more comfort compared to another which does not take this parameter into account among its characteristics. Here comes the value of educating yourself on this point before buying a new computer desk.

Like most desks, some models remain fixed in place after installation. However, there are items that can be adjusted in height, according to the needs of its user. By opting for such an item, you can easily work while sitting or stand up if you have back (adopting certain postures). Other desks can be tilted and oriented at different angles, according to your requirements. Plus, there are those that are foldable.

The size

The size of a computer desk may not be the same if you switch from one model to another. It is essential to gather information related to this characteristic too because it determines how you can use the desk.

First, make sure that the size of the desk is optimal for placing it wherever you want it installed. There are freestanding models, but there are also wall desks. 

Next, consider how much support and storage space this item can offer, the size of the computer it can accommodate, and the width of the shelves it offers if there are any. For those who do not have enough room to dedicate to it like apartment dwellers of apartments for rent , a foldable desk should be just fine.

Choose a desk that suits your needs entirely

It may seem obvious. You can't set up a comfortable desk if you only have a few square feet in your living room. Defining the desk corner allows you to choose its size and shape. Small spaces or an entire room dedicated to your activity - the office desk should adapt to your needs

Straight desk: it is easy to place, takes up little space. A straight desk can be installed in a closet, under a staircase, in a bedroom or living room area. Desks with storage or simple desks placed on trestles or boxes, you can do everything with them!

Corner desk: it allows you to benefit from more work surfaces. On the other hand, its installation requires more space. In return, you have more storage space for your files, computer equipment, etc.

Computer desk: practical, a specialized computer desk offers different niches to accommodate all your computer equipment, from the screen to the keyboard.

Children's desk: for a child's bedroom, opt for a compact desk with storage niches, in white melamine. A vintage school desk could easily take over that role and also be quite decorative!

Folding desk: do you work at home? A retractable desk is easy to hide away when you don't need it.

Choose the right dimensions for the office desk

Once the location of the computer desk is defined, you can finally think about the dimensions of your office desk. But what about height and depth?

What is the correct height for a desk?

The standard height of the desks is approximately 30 in (a height that sometimes is not suitable for tall people). If a standing desk is not for you, opt for a height-adjustable desk to gain comfort.

What is the right depth for a desk?

This is also an extremely important feature! The depth of your desk depends, above all, on how you use this workspace on a daily basis.

Less than 25 in deep - they are suitable for occasional use. On this type of desk, you could just place a laptop computer.

More than 28 in: deeper, this desk allows you to accommodate a computer screen, the keyboard and mouse duo. Here, you don't have your eyes too close to the screen and you can rest your forearms properly, therefore having a good position to work in the best conditions.

A practical desk with storage space

To set up your workspace, we recommend choosing a desk with plenty of storage space. Files, office supplies, filing cabinets, everything finds its place better and leaves the office desk perfectly tidy.

Drawers and pedestals: they have the advantage of hiding all your business things from the eyes of guests. 

Shelves: a desk incorporating shelves saves you real space. In addition to storing your files or a few storage boxes, you can add books, decorative accessories, etc.

Storage niches: small niches can decorate the office desk. Practical, they provide you with a small storage space that is always useful.

Wardrobe: a small functional or decorative wardrobe in a desk integrated behind the hinged doors - very ingenious!

Remember about the style

Practicality and functionality are, of course, important, but your desk must also meet the aesthetic criteria. Office desks with clean lines for a contemporary design stand side by side with larger and more functional desks. What will you choose?

Scandinavian style: showcases a soft and natural atmosphere. Opt for a Scandinavian desk in light wood, with a white top and a typical base made up of fine wooden legs.

Industrial style: dark wood top and black metal legs, the industrial style desk is perfectly paired with a leather office chair.

Classic style: melamine desks have the particularity of being available in different colors to best suit the decoration.

Contemporary style: a designer desk with a glass or lacquered top is ideal for modern interiors. The glass or lacquered desk, however, requires more daily maintenance.

Rustic style: a desk in solid wood, such as oak, should be reserved for "country house" atmospheres.

Accessorize your office desk

Home office furnishings also include the addition of some essential accessories. You must therefore plan a little extra space to decorate your computer desk!

Desk lamp: essential for working well when the light gets dark. 

One or more green plants: they are beneficial for your well-being.

Decorative storage boxes: you can slip all your things in so you don't have to think about your work once the day is over!

Personalize your space: with accessories that look like you, notebooks, and pens. Decorate your office desk to add some pleasant notes that will help you work better.

And what would your office desk be without a comfortable office chair? Forget the kitchen stool, you deserve better to be creative and productive. Office furniture now comes in many styles to help you set up your workspace at home. Plus, remember not to skimp on the quality of the desks and their comfort!

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