The hype about Linux may seem to be way past its prime but only seem. With an increasing number of users, this versatile platform has something for everybody. If you are a college student who is tired of writing assignments or a thesis essay and would like to learn about free Linux distros that may best work for you, read on for the best of the best Linux distros for Students in 2021.

 Linux Distros for Students in 2021

What Are Linux Distros

Linux is a single platform or a single OS that encompasses incredible abilities for customization, and this makes it the most versatile OS there is today. Linux does not only power PCs - it can also be found in a number of devices requiring very specialized software, such as the local ATM on your campus. Since there are many different needs to be covered by a single system, Linux comes in the form of Linux distribution packages or Linux Distros.

Best Linux Distros for Students – 2021

Currently, some 500 Linux distros are being developed. Besides these, there are 600 active Linux Distros. Some of the best Linux distros for students in 2021 include:

  1. Ubuntu,
  2. Linux Mint,
  3. Pop!_OS,
  4. Elementary OS,
  5. openSUSE,
  6. Fedora, and
  7. Vanilla Arch.


Ubuntu Linux Distro is the best of them all for beginners. It offers a ton of free software, and it is usually the first platform that Windows or Mac users who would like to try something new go-to when exploring Linux possibilities. Mac, Windows, or Linux, next time you’re wondering who could write your seminar paper, there is the recommended essay writing service that can do this job for you. The next step: use the Open Office package to edit the finished essay and submit it even before the deadline.

Linux Mint

The next obvious choice is the Linux Mint. Linux Mint is an Ubuntu-based release that focuses on reliability and compatibility: most software written for Ubuntu also runs on Linux Mint Distro. This is the reason why so many students using Windows choose to migrate to this OS.


Pop!_OS makes it to our list of the best Linux distros for students this year because of its support for the Nvidia graphic card. Gaming on Linux can be a hassle, but this OS takes one more step to a better gaming experience. If you are a gamer at heart, this is the solution for you.

Elementary OS

Elementary OS is another Ubuntu-based OS that is particularly suitable for macOS users. The user interface or the desktop layout is as close to the macOS as it gets. It comes with tons of useful apps in its first installation, and upgrades are fairly easy. If you are prone to typing long notes and wonder ‘Where could I buy research papers in USA? ’ - wonder no more: this OS is optimized for running on laptops, so you focus on your exams and let somebody else worry about your papers.


openSUSE is a stable and reliable platform intended for Computer Science students and all alike. If you would like to run your own websites and play with fancy coding interfaces, this is the best solution for you. A bonus with this distro is that it comes with YaST!


Fedora Distro 2021 is the best solution there is for any tech-savvy student. It is meant for developers and the most often recommended OS for Computer Science students. Unfortunately, it does not support 32-bit systems so coding for those may be a long stretch.

Vanilla Arch

Vanilla Arch is the best solution for Linux enthusiasts. This is a lightweight, almost bare-boned version of Linux that even comes with no UI. The installation is done over the command line. The bonus side is that you get to choose what your computer will or will not run from the very start. How does that battery life on your laptop sound now?

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