A few decades ago, Linux was primarily utilized by technologically advanced users. However, due to numerous system and quality-of-life updates, anyone can benefit from its features.

Windows and macOS dominate the operating system market share. Meanwhile, Linux's popularity grew from 0.88% to 2.4% over the last decade. Many are still unaware of its exceptional performance, so here are several reasons you should consider using Linux over most common operating systems.

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Security and Privacy

For a long time, Linux was considered an almost unhackable OS. Even though the amount of Linux malware slowly grows, it's still ways ahead compared to Windows or macOS. Developing Linux malware is difficult due to the specific way Linux manages root privileges. Moreover, Linux is considered so secure that many use it without AntiVirus software.

However, it is still susceptible to cross-platform hacking methods, such as credential dumping or Phishing scams. We recommend using a Linux password manager to protect your online accounts. Meanwhile, knowing contemporary Phishing techniques will stop you from hastily clicking on an infectious email link.


You will experience fewer system crashes and errors when using Linux than on other operating systems. Linux is one of the most popular choices for server management. That's why developers pay extra attention to ensure it's as stable as it gets. Moreover, Linux is open source. Its active community quickly fixes any bugs.

Linux Is Free

Windows and macOS are paid operating systems. For example, Windows 11 Pro costs $199. Pirating operating systems is risky because they often involve malware or lack real-time professional support and mandatory updates. On the other hand, the majority of Linux distros are free. They also include free software alternatives, like GIMP or LibreOffice. All it takes is to get used to it – see the point below.

A User-Friendly OS

People mistakenly think Linux is hard to use. In reality, it was polished to become just as manageable as other operating systems. For example, Ubuntu is an exceptionally user-friendly Linux distribution, providing easy driver updates, software installation, and customization options.

Freedom to Customize

If you think using Linux is hard, you haven't tried customizing it. You can make it look like Windows 10 or macOS if you like. Change buttons, desktop environment, colors, font styles – practically everything is customizable. You will make it more comfortable if you get the hang of it and put in some effort. Simultaneously, you can use desktop environments like Cinnamon, known for ease of use and a friendly learning curve.

Resource Management

Linux is perfect for reviving old computers. A decade-old device will struggle to power Windows 11 because it has high system requirements. On the other hand, Linux consumes only a few percent of computing power, leaving enough room for other applications.


Most popular operating systems have their advantages. But they overshadow Linux for no good reason. You will have to spend some time learning it, but there are more than enough guides to walk you through it. In the end, you will find more freedom and stability than anywhere else.

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