The field of computer game development (game development) is vast and multifaceted. A huge number of specialists work on the creation of games and applications: scriptwriters, code and mechanics programmers, engine and animation developers, world and interface designers.

All of them have one thing in common: one way or another, all these professions are related to 2d game art design and visualization.

Graphic design, concept art programs, app, and game development are promising and quite lucrative fields of activity, in which there are enough niches for young and ambitious artists, but the innate taste and talent alone is clearly not enough.

Which tools does game artist us

You need to be ready for routine work: locations and characters will have to be redrawn more than once and not in one projection, and then many layers will need to be additionally worked through.

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What tools does a game artist need?

Paradoxically, the choice of equipment should be started not from the system unit, but from the periphery. In the work of a content developer, the system unit is an important, but not the main component.

The priorities are somewhat different than when choosing a monitor for gaming. At the forefront, you need to put the diagonal size, resolution, and color rendering of the matrix, and, of course, viewing angles, color depth, and the ability to "fine" calibration of the monitor for correct display of colors.

The presence of protective shields is encouraged since this part will protect the screen area from unwanted glare, will keep the color rendition unchanged when the lighting level of the working area changes.

The second important tool of a modern artist is an ordinary mouse. This is what most aspiring designers use. It's not worth chasing a gaming mouse, but having a model with a good sensor resolution (high DPI) in your arsenal will be completely superfluous.


The main computational load when creating content falls on the central processor. A high score clock speed is needed when modeling and creating scenes. The best solution for active work will be AMD Ryzen 9 3900X or i7-9700K from Intel with its standard 3.6 GHz in normal mode and the ability to work in turbo mode 4.9 GHz with proprietary Turbo Boost technology.

What programs does the artist work with

With the "iron" component of the question sorted out, now is the time to decide on the software component of the profession. The basis is standard graphic editors. These include Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Adobe After Effects. If you're working in 3D, Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya come in handy. More info on

Adobe photoshop

The program is the starting point for almost any branch of game development, one way or another related to graphics. It is a kind of industry-standard or, if you will, the "language of communication" of graphic designers.

With its help, even a beginner will sketch out a completely plausible sketch for himself, and those who have mastered the program perfectly will create an image that is indistinguishable from the original or surpasses it in beauty.

Adobe illustrator

When it comes to working with vector graphics, then this application has no equal. The advantages of a "vector" are undeniable: it can be rotated, scaled, or transformed without loss of quality.

Adobe After Effects

A huge package for creating "live" screensavers and animations. Having mastered only it, you can already be sure that you will not be left without a piece of bread under any circumstances.

3ds Max

The creation of three-dimensional objects, environments, worlds, heroes, etc. is the main element of this software package. With its help, the visualization of real or fictional worlds goes to a completely different, professional level.

Final Thoughts

So, a computer game artist should be able to do a lot: draw, know modern games, own professional programs, and tools using game 3D and 2D art software. Without this, there is no point even starting a conversation about a career in the field of game development.

If we talk about qualities, then the price is creativity, which is combined with a tendency to routine work, which is not found in every representative of this profession. A sense of taste, communication skills, and, of course, luck is important, which may one day lead you to the studio of your dreams.

So this was just a brief intro on the tools does a game artist use. I am pretty sure that there are plenty of other tools out there & then based on personal preference a developer might use one or another.

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