Every online business dreams of building a world-class eCommerce website that attracts visitors, engages, and converts them into customers. Such a website should be mobile-friendly, esthetically appealing, and functionally convenient. Among eCommerce platforms, Magento is a leading CRM built on open-source technology.

It provides brands and online merchants with rich tools to manage their shopping carts, product listing, and design. If you don’t know how to use these tools, ask a Magento eCommerce development company to help you with it. 

why use magento

Magento is developed exceptionally for building web stores. It allows adding thousands of products, images, and descriptions. But regardless of the number of pages, Magento websites stay SEO-friendly. The whole site or its separate pages can load within seconds. 

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Magento Versions

Currently, Magento has two platforms – Open Source and Commerce. The name of the first one shows that the platform is free of charge. However, you still need to pay for the website hosting. Magento Commerce requires annual payment, which includes implementation costs as well. The paid edition provides brands with advanced features and reports. 

Why is Magento a Popular eCommerce Platform?

  • Building a web store on the CMS is fast and easy. Even non-developers can do basic configurations and create pages.
  • The platform’s library has thousands of themes. You can customize and adjust them to your brand’s requirements. 
  • Magento is marketing-friendly. Its tools allow capturing leads, generating revenue, and discovering cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. 
  • The platform is SEO-friendly. Websites built on this platform reach high ranks on search engines.
  • The CMS is rich in features. However, they are not confusing and overwhelming since all the features are well-organized. 
  • The platform allows the development of responsive and mobile-friendly eCommerce sites. They automatically adjust to screen sizes of all devices. 
  • Magento has a long history and managed to earn users’ trust over time. It was released in 2008 and upgraded to edition 2 in 2015. 
  • eCommerce stores built on this platform can be easily integrated with third-party software such as eBay or PayPal. By adding your shop to Google Analytics, you can monitor the performance of your site. 
  • The platform allows implementing multiple security procedures and taking extra defense measures against hackers. If you aren’t sure whether your website is entirely secure, conduct a Magento code audit to discover vulnerabilities and fix them. 
  • Magento improves customer experience. It allows users to apply search filters or tags and reviews to find the products of their interest. 

why use magento

Advanced Magento Features

  1. The advanced customer segmentation tool allows dividing people into groups. The segmentation is based on their location, sex, or purchase history. This information helps marketers to plan and execute targeted marketing campaigns. 
  2. For up-sell and cross-sell purposes, you can apply particular rules on the platform. It allows marketers to manage what banners, prices, or product suggestions customers see based on their behavior. 
  3. To increase sales and improve customer retention, Magento allows sending automated email reminders. They are sent to the customers that have added items to their wish list or shopping cart but abandoned the website without finalizing the purchase.
  4. If you don’t want to announce sales for all customers, Magento web stores allow sending private invitations and restricting the catalog to selected users only.
  5. To increase customer loyalty, the platform enables online retailers to create loyalty programs. Users can receive points and bonuses for each purchased item. 

Final Thoughts

Magento is undoubtedly one of the most powerful eCommerce solution providers. It allows building mobile-friendly, easily customizable, highly secure, and responsive websites. It comes in two editions – free and paid. The paid version includes advanced features to segment the customer base, improve customer retention, and execute loyalty programs. Overall, Magento is an excellent environment for building your eCommerce website.

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