Whether you already have a business website or are considering building a new one, it’s important to have a regular maintenance plan in place. Setting and forgetting your website can be one of the biggest mistakes that business owners make, and over time, not having the right maintenance strategies could cause your website to become less effective at getting the kind of results that you want from it. 

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Regular Backups

Websites are always changing and are very dynamic, which is why regular backups should always be a part of your maintenance plan. If you want to find suitable services to maintain your website then one of the main questions that you should ask is about backups and how often they will be performed. Any good website design and maintenance agency knows that regular website backups are crucial.

If anything happens to your website such as hacking, or if it is taken offline for any reason, having a recent backup to get it back online straight away could save your business from disaster. 

Plugin Updates

If you are using a CMS like WordPress for your business website, there are likely to be various third-party plugins installed to keep it running and performing the way that it does. However, these plugins will be updated from time to time with new features or bug fixes, and you will need to ensure that plugin updates are a regular part of your website maintenance plan to keep it working as it should. 

Content Updates

Websites can get filled with content over time, so it’s important for content maintenance to be a main part of your overall website maintenance plan. Whether you have a business blog that you go over regularly to see if edits need to be made or if any content is no longer serving a purpose and can be removed, or you are updating the site with fresh content, this can help your website grow and improve SEO results. 

Design Updates

While you may not need to do this kind of update quite as often as others, it’s important to have a maintenance plan in place when it comes to your website design. Over time, web design trends change and evolve and if you’re not moving your website forwards with these changes, you could end up with a dated site that is falling behind. For example, this happened to a lot of websites a few years ago that had not updated to be mobile-friendly when Google began to prioritise mobile-first sites. 

SEO Updates

Finally, you should regularly check and maintain your site when it comes to on-page SEO. Keywords, broken links, meta descriptions, alt tags, title tags and other important factors for SEO should all be audited on a regular basis and changed if needed to help ensure that you are getting the best results for your efforts. 

While it might feel like your job is done when the website is built and published, the truth is that good website maintenance is essential for website performance.

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