Install TEAMVIEWER on Ubuntu & RHEL/CentOS

Team viewer needs no introduction, it is being used for years for remotely accessing a system over the internet. Teamviewer is known as all in one solution for remote access & support ovver the internet. Within only few seconds of time, teamviewer can connect to any PC or server over the internet.

It also provides a number of features like;
– Session recordings & conversion to AVI,
– Drag & drop files,
– Multi monitor support

In this tutorial, we will learn to install teamviewer on CentOS 7 & Ubuntu 16.04 . We will start by installation of teamviewer on Ubuntu.


Installation on Ubuntu 16.04

We will firstly download the .deb package for Ubuntu OS, to download the package open the terminal & run,

$ wget


Once we have the downloaded package, we can install it using three different methods,

1- Using GUI, double click teamviewer_linux.deb & it will open the package in Ubuntu Software Center , click on ‘Install’ & then authenticate by enterting the admnistrative password. Team Viewer will then be installed on the machine.

2- Using apt-get, firstly move the package to ‘/var/cache/apt/archives’ & then run

$ sudo apt-get install teamviewer_linux.deb

from the terminal. Enter your administrative password & package will then be installed on the system.

3- Using dpkg, the third way is by using dpkg. Open the terminal & execute the follwoing command,

$ dpkg -i teamviewer_linux.deb

Once the teamviewer has been installed using any of the three methods, we can run it from terminal by typing,

$ teamviewer

or we can also locate in under applications.


Installation on CentOS/RHEL

For CentOS, we will firslty have to install some dependencies before we can actually install the package for teamviewer. To install dependencies, run

$ yum install glibc alsa-lib freetype libICE libSM libX11 libXau libXdamage libXext libXfixes libXi libXrandr libXrender libXtst libgcc libuuid libxcb zlib

After these dependencies have been installed, we will download the teamviewer rpm package,

$ wget


After downloading the package, we can install it using two methods,

1- Using yum, from the terminal run the following command,

$ yum install teamviewer.i686.rpm

2 – Using rpm, we can also use the follwoing command to install the teamviewer rpm package on the system,

$ rpm -ivh teamviewer.i686.rpm

After the installation of package, run

$ teamviewer

from the terminal to start using the teamviewer on the system.

This completes our tutorial, feel free to leave your suggestions/queries in the comment box below.

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