If you have always wished you could play games without connecting to the internet or Wi-Fi, then you are in luck. Plenty of games exist that don’t require the internet. This means you can play them on the go whether you are flying or are in the middle of a commute to a road trip.

When I learned such games existed, my whole world changed! Each night, after I am done having dinner and watching my favorite content on Cox internet packages, I play one of these games and then go to bed. If you are a crazy gamer like me or you want to know what options you have in online games, here is the list of some of the best ones.

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1: Angry Birds

The original Angry Birds was introduced to the world in 2009 and immediately won the attention of us all. Then came Angry Birds 2 which was released in 2015. It served as the continuation of the original game. The version has new mechanics and some controls have upgraded as well so you can expect fun gameplay.

Like the original game, you must launch small birds at your target, which are a group of pigs. An improvement in the game that I would like to mention is that you don’t have to fire the birds in a particular order. Believe me, once you get a hang of how to slay your enemy, you will get addicted.

2: Smash Hit

This game is adored for its cool graphics and symphonic background sounds. You are supposed to hit glass obstacles by using metal balls. Break as many prisms as you can for winning extra balls. This game has a continuous nature which makes it even more engaging. It also improves your focus.

Smash Hit offers a realistic game environment. As mentioned earlier, gamers love it for its interactive graphics, which work perfectly without an internet connection.

3: Super Hexagon 

Yes, you have guessed it right, this game borrows from Hexagon but it comes with lots of upgrades that make the gameplay so much entertaining.

You will see a small triangle rotating around the screen. The player is must control the movements by tapping on the sides of the screen. As you tap, even larger hexagonal shapes start appearing and each shape has an exit point preventing the line from crushing them.

The player’s job is to keep the triangle from colliding with these hexagons. For that, you must rotate the screen and keep an eye on the shapes that appear on your screen.

4: Fallout Shelter

This is a popular PC and console game developed by Bethesda. It’s highly famous for its apocalypse-based humor and tragic comedy.

You start by becoming an overseer of the vault you like. Your job is to organize and control those who live inside that vault. You are basically everyone’s caretaker. You even have to feed food and water to your characters.

In return, the characters assist you in generating power, which is necessary for running the vault. For achieving maximum efficiency, you must assign each character an assignment they are skilled at.

5: Unblock Me

The same surely sounds weird but the game is fun especially if you like puzzles. This game is a powerhouse of puzzles. It features more than 16k puzzles.

You are to play in a small grid of blocks and empty spaces. Each block is unique and your job is to slide the blocks from their original position and make them move through the empty spaces until they reach a predetermined exit zone.

Once you complete a level, the game becomes more difficult. So the more levels to conquer, the more complex the game will become.

6: Plants Vs. Zombies

In this game, plants are your defense. They can ward off the creepy zombies. You must grow the plants in your garden to kill the zombies who approach your home. If the plants fail to stop these invaders, the zombies will enter your house and eat your brain!  Each plant has a different level of potency so you better plant the strongest one to keep these bad guys at bay.

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