The Linux operating system is everywhere. It is being used in smartphones, home appliances, desktops, and even cars. You will be surprised to know that this OS powers many supercomputers as well as the world’s stock exchanges. It also runs most of the internet, which you use on a daily basis to perform different tasks such as taking care of Spectrum billing. But is Linux? And why has it become so popular? Well, read on to find out!

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A Brief Overview of Linux

Linux was created by Linus Torvalds. He made this operating system available for free. Yes, you read that right! He then invited others to add their contributions to the Kernel. However, Torvalds requested to keep their work accessible and free for all. This attracted a lot of programmers who started to enhance Linux with their work.

And thus, the OS experienced exponential growth. Since it’s free and runs on PC platforms, it quickly generated a lot of popularity among hard-core developers. Linux appeals to many kinds of users. They include the following:

  • Those who are familiar with UNIX and want to use it on PC-type hardware.
  • People who want to put their spin on OS principles.
  • Those who want to get greater control over the OS.

Linux can be a challenge to manage but it offers more configuration options and flexibility. This is something that Windows doesn’t provide.

What Is Linux?

Just like Mac OS, iOS, and Windows, Linux is an operating system. In fact, you will find it interesting to know that Android operates on Linux OS. But what is an operating system? Well, it’s a software that manages the different hardware resources of your laptop or desktop. In simpler words, an operating system ensures smooth communication between hardware and software. The Linux OS is comprised of different pieces. They are as follows:

  • Init System
  • Kernel
  • Bootloader
  • Graphical Server
  • Daemons
  • Desktop Environment
  • Applications

4 Reasons Why Linux Has Become Popular

Linux is widely used across the world. Almost everyone who is familiar with the technical details of their desktop prefers using this operating system. And there are many reasons for that. With that said, here are a few of those reasons which will explain why this OS has become so insanely popular.

#1. Cost

One of the major reasons why everybody likes Linux is because it is free! Plus, it has an open-source software licensing model. People who want this OS can simply download it from the web. Different businesses often supplement the free price with their support service. Using this OS doesn’t require any new hardware.

#2. Stability

Linux is incredibly stable. And this is all because of a smart decision that Linus Torvalds made by allowing programmers to add their contributions to the Kernel. As this operating system grew more popular, the community became stronger which led to highly competent developers improving the code by discovering and correcting bugs. All of their contributions made this OS more reliable and stable.

#3. Support

While Linux is free, supporting it will require end-users and companies to pay for the support subscription. When they do that, they will not only get the updated versions of the OS but will also receive hardware support. Plus, the Linux community has so many talented developers who offer support to those who needs it.

#4. Security 

Linus is one of the most secure operating systems. Whenever a vulnerability is found, it is instantly patched into the latest stable kernel. This OS was always designed to be a multiuser operating system. This led to tighter access controls and permission for both applications and users. The malicious users are also disincentivized to create malware or viruses for the platform.


Linux is hands down one of the best operating systems. Hence, there is no wonder why so many people across the world prefer it over any other OS. Plus, the fact that it is free and constantly updated by talented members of the community makes it even more special. Many major companies are using this OS including Google, Azure, Rackspace, and AWS. Moreover, it is used in National e-voting systems. All this makes it tempting to try this OS.

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